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All in one in Flexia App.

Flexia is the only all-in-one wearable device for you...

Flexia is

Providing Sports Coaching services for golf, swimming, tennis, etc. as well as existing smart band's functions. Free App for smart phone is available.

  • Flexia will find a solution to your swing problem.
  • Flexia will be your private coach.
  • One-point lesson will analyze your incorrect swing form.
  • Flexia will automatically readout your club type! Flexia will help you to be a Single Golfer.

Flexia provides

Move, Distance, Power Walking and Calories Monitoring.

Not too big, not too small display can check the time on your wrist.

A vibrating alert and the number of telephone lets you know if a call, message or other notification comes in. Even when you are in the GYM or SAUNA.

In fact, all daily activities, whether physical or mental, from breathing to sleeping, require energy and calorie burning.
FLEXIA is personal trainer can check your every moment with MOVE, Power Walking, DISTANCE monitoring. Keep track of your MOVE and see how you exercise with various graphics in application.

Connecting is easy using a standard Bluetooth® 4.0 connecting procedure.

Flexia is different

No Cable Cradle Charge

Differentiated premium cradle was designed by finding up insufficient 2%, which can charge without any cable.

  • Once charged for only 1 hour, you can use 8-9 days available.
  • Flexia charge is very user-friendly, anyone can load the module on cradle easily.
  • USB cigar jack available.

All in one in Flexia App

Install the Flexia app by downloading “Flexia” on the App Store or Google Play, and open the App and sign up.
You can monitor your daily activities records representing MOVE, Power Walking & Calories, and enjoy battle with other Flexia members with your records.
Flexia‘s sports coaching is very simple to use and show your performance data immediately on the wrist. Currently 4 sports – Golf, Swimming & Tennis – are available. It will be continuing to open other services such as a Baseball batting.