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Safeairplus+ has Multi function of hospital
disinfection and oxygen generating system.

  • -Safeairplus+ provide 99.9% Surface, Airborne Disinfection and Generating high purity Oxygen for patients and indoor air quality.
  • - Safeairplus+ is very useful disinfection system for the prevention of Hepatitis B,C Virus transmission in Hemodialysis Clinic
  • - Safeairplus+, also very useful for ZIKA virus prevention with Natural Mosquito Repellent.


  • Single Disinfection (All types of disinfectant available)
  • Produce Ultra High Purity Oxygen (92% Concentration)
  • Easy to Move and Transport with Built in handle
  • Easy to Read Panel
  • Time Reservation
  • Emergency Access by Safe-Lock
  • Attractive Design for a Professional Look


  • Kill 99.9% of airborne pathogens
  • Disinfect invisible surfaces, such as bed, desk, sheets, privacy curtains, rails...
  • Any kinds of disinfectant can be used for eliminating virus.


  • Alternative disinfectant
  • Time Reservation for Night Disinfection
    • NaDCC Tablet (Chlorine dioxide)
    • H2O2
    • Natural Mosquito Repellent
  • Easy to move for the place (Hemodialysis room, ICU, OR, Isolated patient room, Immune system room and every space you concerned HAI.)


  • Emergency access by Key-lock
  • automatic disinfection
  • Natural insect Repellent


  • Dimension : 450 X 390 X 810
  • Color : Ivory and silver metal
  • Weight : 55kg
  • Power Supply : AC 220V/ 60HZ
  • Generated by PSA(Pressure Swing Adsorption)
  • Interface : one touch/safe lock

Safeairplus+ Market

  • Operating Rooms
  • Hospital Outbreaks
  • Clinic Lounges
  • Bio Safety Labs
  • Veterinary Labs
  • Sports Facilities
  • Locker Rooms
  • Clean Rooms
  • Pre-school
  • Office

Safeairplus+ Market